Hotel Social Media

Webinar – Social Media Best Practices for Hotel Marketing: Be Involved Without Breaking the Bank

There is no doubt that social media and the power of online social networks is here to stay. Join Carrie Hill, Blizzard Internet’s Director of Search Marketing, to learn the best practices for making connections through Facebook and Twitter in this 60 minute webinar.

Learn more about the power of social media and how to utilize it responsibly and effectively in your marketing strategies in this 60 minute webinar presented by Sceptre Hospitality and Blizzard Internet.

This webinar covers a wide range of social media topics including:

  • What happens if you ignore social media?
  • Which social networking site is right for you?
  • Tips on using Facebook and Twitter to enhance your brand
  • How to find lifelong guests and company advocates
  • Realistic results to expect from Facebook and Twitter
  • Top mistakes companies make and how to avoid them

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