Top 5 Questions about the Benefits of Mobile Search Solutions

As our customers are exploring the benefits of mobile search for their businesses, some of the same Rocking the Curvequestions keep coming up.   We’ve written many articles on the subject and you can expect many more.  But I wanted to address the top 5 questions I receive.

Q: Should I buy .mobi?
A: We believe it is good to own your .mobi domain. Claim it as yours and keep others from buying your brand.  However, you don’t need to build a site on it because it is not very highly searched at this time.  Blizzard’s Mobile service solves the need for a site on the .mobi domain.

Q: How does Blizzard Mobile service work with the different phone & mobile devices?
A: Today’s traveler has technology at their fingertips.  They may not always know how to use their tools to the fullest extent so it’s our job to make it easier for them. This is the genius behind the solution developed by our R&D Team.  It is all handled at the server level.  The request from a mobile device comes in, the server identifies the technology then serves up the proper format.

Q: Why do I need this if I’m in the hospitality industry?
A: There are many reasons your competitors are using this marketing tool.  Someone searching for a hotel after a conference that lasted longer than expected will search for a local or airport hotel.  A family taking a long road trip may realize they need a break and a pool. They will use their phone to search for available lodging along their route.  This is great for filling up your last rooms.  Yes, even my vacation rental customers get last minute walk-ins! Business travelers waiting in airports have time on their hands to plan the family trip and search for the perfect vacation rental.  Sometimes it’s easier to use a phone for quick research than to fire up the laptop.  These scenarios happen more than you may realize.

Q: If I already have their reservation, why would a guest utilize mobile search? Phonemiester
A: This is the hook!  While your visitors are driving to your location, they may realize the directions are at home on the kitchen table.  Mobile search allows them to view directions, find your phone number to confirm their reservation, or get your address so they can map the quickest route to the nearby theme park, unique beach, favorite ski resort, or other area attractions.  Provide an additional touch point to your guest, prior to and during their stay.

Q: How will this help my business in the current economic situation?
A: Service!  You want to provide the best experience for your customers.   Show them that you are there to help with every stage of their vacation. Businesses who take this a step further place audio tours on their mobile-friendly pages that can be played while driving explaining the various points of interest in the region.  Provide a Concierge Tour that highlights your property to get them excited about your resort.  Record a kid-friendly game about the geographical area, the wildlife, and things they can be looking for. 

Give your customers obvious benefits to stay with you again and again by offering new services.  Grow & strengthen your loyal customer base before your competitors do.  The small investments you make now can keep you ahead long into the future.

If you are still skeptical, please watch our newsletter for more information from Mary Bowling.  This ties directly into post-click marketing techniques that Carrie Hill recommends.  As always, contact your Account Manager or Project Manager if you have more questions about this or other effective online marketing opportunities.

Image credits: Blackberry courtesy  Marvin Kuo Slider phone courtesy  swskeptic


  1. I personally think that the era of .mobi domains is over, which is why you shouldn’t buy it. Nowadays people can visit normal websites with their Nokia of iPhone just as easily. The function of the .mobi domain is thereby lost.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Johan. I still believe people should purchase their .mobi domain before someone else buys it or even worse, misuses it. The small expense is worth your piece of mind to protect your brand.

  3. Isn’t .mobi like a .biz domains? And even .info? Well, what do I know, I just go with the .com.

  4. thats interesting… but makes sense. especially since all the latest phones are a lot more UI friendly for browsing the net.

  5. Nice post!!!!

  6. Well Rick, I guess it depends on how you are comparing them. They each have their unique purpose (like .Travel) but have they ever really taken off? How you handle those can depend on how relevant they are to your particular business and especially management of your online reputation.

  7. Considering the cost of .mobi domains I don’t see why there’s even a debate. Just buy it.

  8. Great advice, the .mobi is cheap and you can usually make a nice return on it.

  9. Thanks for the great article. .mobi will fit nicely into the geographic search patterns of the average internet user in the near future.

  10. Good Stuff, Thanks

  11. .mobi domains are very cost effective and with the age of mobile computer expanding as fast it is, this is the way forward.

    I personally use a Blackberry and since using it 7 months ago, I use it far more than my laptop!

    If you have a competitor, you could complete using the .mobi extension.


  12. I’m looking into how this could serve our business. Thank you for the information.

  13. Nice post!!!!

  14. Nice post! Nice info ! Thanks for sharing :)

  15. .mobi sites aren’t even on my radar. This gives me pause to think about investing in these sites to protect and grow my business. Thanks

  16. I don’t think .mobi is really useful unless you run mobile application type businesses. Besides that if you randomly decide to do it you would definitely have to rethink your business approach. I haven’t heard of any good .mobi sites by the way.

  17. I think .mobi could be useful in daily life, especial for business people. Thanks for the article

  18. Cool post. It was interesting to read

  19. Great post, interesting, thanks!

  20. It’s true that .mobi era is over. But I agree with Katy that buying .mobi is more like an effort or investment to secure your business. The price is worth nothing comparing with the benefit you get and the whole value of your business.

  21. Alex Rother says:

    I do not agree with buying .mobi just for the sake of it. The fact is that .mobi is hard to type on a mobile phone and the latest software didn’t come with any help on this. Instead the new phones look more and more like desktop computers. I’m not saying that you don’t need to optimize of website of mobile devices but you don’t need a separate site for it. You can have your usual site detect useragents and redirect to a mobile page (possibly subdomain on your main page).

  22. Actually almost any website can be seen on the mobile phones now a days. Actually if you search a website through Google and then open it via Google, then Google automatically sizes the display to fit the screen. So .mobi has hardly anything to do.

  23. Hi..
    I am not sure at the moment about .mobi domains.

    However I would like to know a little more about .info and .org, and also .biz domains. How important is it really, to have one of these domains? (If you already have the .com). And what about a .TV domain?

    Love to know your thoughts…

    Thanks :)

  24. I think mobile business is stilll in its infant stage, but after reading your atricle I would still recommend my clients to buy .mobi domains of their sites. So, whenever it becomes mature, we can easily capture mobile market also.

  25. Including Most mobile phone . How does Blizzard Mobile service work with the different phone & mobile devices? Also i am interested in it.

  26. I’m looking into how this could serve our business. but Instead the new phones look more and more like desktop computers. I’m not saying that you don’t need to optimize of website of mobile devices but you don’t need a separate site for it.thanks for your kind information.