New White Paper Released- SEO for WordPress Blogs

UPDATE 3-17-09:

We’ve updated our SEO For WordPress Blogs whitepaper – You can find a new copy at SEO for WordPress Blogs – a Non-Techie’s Guide

Blizzard Internet Marketing has released a new white paper by SEO’s Carrie Hill and Mary Bowling. The free internet marketing mini-manual is entitled SEO for WordPress Blogs and is available for download on our website.

If you are a regular reader of our newsletter, you already know we are huge fans of the WordPress blogging platform. It’s easy to learn and use and offers a multitude of Search Engine Optimization benefits.Internet Marketing White Paper - SEO for WordPress Blogs

The 14 page, illustrated marketing white paper covers the following topics:

  • Why a WordPress Blog?
  • Setting Up WordPress for SEO Success
  • Start Blogging
  • Promote your Blog
  • WordPress SEO Plug-Ins

Blogging is here to stay and WordPress is the way to do it. In the world of internet marketing, if you’re not blogging, you’re apt to be left behind. And if you are blogging, make certain you’re taking advantage of all the SEO benefits it can give you.

Get started today by downloading SEO for WordPress Blogs by Mary Bowling and Carrie Hill.


Here are some great suggestions from our readers for more WordPress Tips and Tricks. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and support!

From Ed at

I read the SEO for WordPress Blogs and it’s a good beginners guide. I wrote a more advanced wordpress seo guide if your readers are interested.

One simple thing I thought could be added is that h2 tags added to the sidebar could be changed to make the blog more SEO friendly (since the sidebar titles have little relevancy).

Open up your stylesheet by going to your admin dashboard–>presentation–>stylesheet. Add ,menu wherever you see h2.

* If you’re using widgets

Open up wp-includes/widgets.php and search for:

‘before_title’ => ‘<h2 class=”widgettitle”>’, ‘after_title’ => ‘</h2>’,

Change this to

‘before_title’ => ‘<menu>’,
‘after_title’ => ‘</menu>’,

You may need to add a <br /> or two after </h2> if the spacing is off.

* Without widgets

Using the old school sidebar actually makes this easier. Just search for h2 in sidebar.php and replace it with menu


Jonathan at sent us these tips:

I have a few SEO tips that your readers might like,

Hope some of those tips help your readers out.



From Emon Hassan @

Good morning,
Very good Whitepaper. I particularly didn’t know the usefulness of ‘Optional Excerpts’ option. If I may recommend two plugins very useful for permalink structure and two personal preferences.

1. On page 4 you’d recommended renaming the permalink structure to category and post title before one begins blogging as it is tricky to switch after you’ve blogged for a while and some of your posts have already been indexed on Google. After I’d switched to the category/post title structure a few weeks ago, I’d noticed my posts on Google, with the numeric structure, wouldn’t redirect. I thought I was stuck with that structure for good. That’s when I cold emailed Stephan Spencer, of Netconcepts, asking for suggestion. One of the plugins he recommended solved was exactly what I needed. After activation, this plugin redirects all existing permalink structure to your new preferred one without having to do anything. Awesome!

2. I highly recommend the FeedSmith plugin to re-direct all existing/original feeds from your blog to the FeedBurner feed. A lot of folks will subscribe to a blog by clicking the orange icon on the browser which is not the FeedBurner feed. FeedSmith will automatically re-direct original feed to FeedBurner even if you click the source Feed.

3. This is a personal preference. Chances are, a lot of your readers won’t visit your blog but will read all your posts via their preferred Feed reader. They’re likely to browse through all the feeds they’ve subscribed to and don’t have the time to visit each site. In that case, you may want to consider making the full feed available on your FeedBurner settings. If people like your post, they will click the link to your page to leave comment or find the trackback link to post on theirs. I have readers who can’t get to my new posts every day but they check them out when they get a chance because they’re all waiting for them in their Readers. Sure you can argue that that would make you write compelling titles so people will click on to your site and read the posts but chances are, if you’re new at this, it won’t work for you and even if it did, readers just might not have that extra click in them to divert their attention to your site.

4. Most bloggers often make the mistake – I had as well – of requiring registration to leave comment on their blogs. It is, frankly, annoying for most readers. After a few people let me know of the annoyance, I realized I had unknowingly chose the option thinking it was a better way to block spam. Well, Akismet does an excellent job of blocking spam. Random visitors are likely to drop by your blog and want to leave comments and if you ask them to register and require them be logged in, they won’t and you lose a comment and, maybe, a subscriber. On the Options>General page, I have the ‘Membership’ options unchecked. I then went to Options>Discussion and required commenters fill out name and email; I hold all comments for moderation and put ‘1’ in the ‘Comment Moderation’ option. Again, a personal preference.


  1. Thanks Mary, Very nice white paper you have there this should come in very hand for anyone looking to improve there WP SEO efforts.

  2. Nice post. I use 20 plugins for WP that simply were not available in Blogger and over half are SEO related.

  3. Devon Cottages says:

    WordPress is a really great Blogging tool and its great to see some great SEO plugins to compliment it.

  4. I think that this manual is great, it will show newbies how to star with seo. Overall great stuff. 8 from 10 stars from me.

  5. Ed’s tip on the h2 tag was spot on. I’d played around with code twice before with no success. Ten minutes with his tip and it was done.

  6. jacksonville says:

    This manual has become my WordPress Bible. But it needs to be updated a bit because I’m sure with the new versions of WP that it may need some tweaking. Overall and basics are definitely priceless and timeless!


  7. WordPress is such a great tool for online web development, and the SEO Tools available for it are great and very easy to use. Using your whitepaper along side this will help further increase the knowledge for people new to SEO and WordPress. Nice work.


    Koen Tabouret

  8. Thanks for the post. The reason why wp is so popular is the fact that it looks like an actual website and due to all the plugins.

  9. I have downloaded the material really nice one for beginners esp like me..thanks

  10. I love using WordPress. Most of the time you can get great SEO results with very little effort through the use of the plugins and great theme optimization. One thing that I do find tricky about WordPress is how the permalink structure affects the SERPS. It just boggles my mind sometimes.

  11. We went from from being stuck on the 3rd page pf Google for our primary targeted phrase using a static site. We switched to WP and now are on the first page of Google for that some phrase more often than not. I can not say enough about the advantages that we have over a static site. Also the blog allows me to do two things that I enjoy. They are writing and educating.

  12. Yeah I agree this is a great post for beginners. I am still very new to this whole blogging thing but this really laid it out very simply for me.

  13. Thanks for the heads up about wordpress, I’m also a big fan of wordpress and its the reason why I’m searching new ways on how to improve my skills on managing it myself and how to drive traffic to my blog..

  14. I downloaded the report and I want to give you a compliment; it’s easy to follow and very useful to me. Thanks

  15. As a novice blogger I’ve found this white paper really helpful. It’s helped dispel a few worries I’d had and made the whole process a lot more achievable, so thanks!

  16. Mark Trainer says:

    Great information. Thank you for sharing.
    Thanks for the info!

  17. Blogs provide natural advantages in optimizing for the Search Engines..Among other blogging platforms, WordPress provides superior flexibility and more advanced options that enable administrators to customize their designs with specific components..

  18. I love wordpress because it seo friendly and its plugins. When i need something i look on the wordpress site and its there Thanks for the report, I have just subcribed to your reader. There is so much confusion out there about plugins, but this seems concise to me.

  19. We went from from being stuck on the 3rd page pf Google for our primary targeted phrase using a static site. We switched to WP and now are on the first page of Google for that some phrase more often than not. I can not say enough about the advantages that we have over a static site. Also the blog allows me to do two things that I enjoy. They are writing and educating.

  20. Anthony says:

    I think wordpress is having tough competetion nowadays, so many blog platforms are launching like weebly, which is almost looks like wordpress but so many advance freatures and having an edge over the wordpress.

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  32. You should never force readers to register to post comments, as people do not have the time or energy to register to comment on every single blog they read. It’s also important I think to use .htaccess properly to clean up URL’s, like taking off file extensions and ‘get’ data.

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