SEO for WordPress Blogs Whitepaper – A Non-Techie’s Guide

Wordpress Blogs Whitepaper

Wordpress Blogs Whitepaper

Blizzard Internet Marketing, Inc., a search engine marketing company out of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, has released a new whitepaper: SEO for WordPress Blogs – A Non-Techie’s Guide. The whitepaper instructs readers on the finer points of using WordPress to futher the success of their weblogs in Organic Search Results.

Blogs, by their very nature, are search engine friendly and provide natural advantages in optimizing for the Search Engines.  More and more, SEOs agree that among blogging platforms, WordPress provides superior flexibility and more advanced options that enable administrators to customize their designs with specific components. By following simple tips and using recommended plug-ins, even those with limited technical skills can have an easy-to-use content management system that ranks well in the Search Engines.

SEO for WordPress Blogs is authored by Carrie Hill and Mary Bowling.  The 15 page whitepaper is available for download at

Trent Blizzard, President of Blizzard Internet Marketing, says:

A non-techie’s guide to Blogging best practices fills an important need among our customers, especially the hotel, vacation rental and hospitality clients we work with. Blogs and Blogging is exploding in the hotel industry and many hoteliers are either clueless, confused or worried about how to make their blog work. We intend for this whitepaper to help them get all their basic best practices into place.

About the Authors:

Carrie Hill is SEO Team Leader at Blizzard. Carrie is a regular columnist for and spends her time doing hands-on optimization work, creating better processes, and researching the newest theories and techniques.

Mary Bowling is an Independent SEO Consultant.  Mary has a special interest in website usability and search engine optimization. She blogs at Optimized!

bits_from_blizzardBlizzard Internet Marketing, is a leading provider of Internet marketing services to the hospitality industry.   Blizzard uses WordPress Blogging software as a platform for designing websites that perform well in search engines, excel in usability, and permits its clients to update their own content.   They continuously seek out innovative strategies to keep their clients ahead of the curve. Other services Blizzard offers include website design, promotion, statistical analytics tracking, web hosting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-per-Click (PPC) marketing strategies.

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  1. SEO Perth says:

    I love wordpress, it has so much potential when it comes to optimising for search engines. Its flexibility, easy to modify code, and the extensive number of SEO plugins available make it ideal. What I really don’t like optimising is Joomla.

  2. Yeah. I agree with you. For best seo purpose we need to use workpress blogs which has enormous plug ins. Thanks for ur post .

  3. Blogging Guide says:

    WordPress is great, compared to other platforms like blogengine. There is literally a plugin for just about everything with wordpress and its so customisable, there is certainly no shortage of good themes for it.

  4. Website Marketing Services says:

    I also agree, WordPress stands above its competitors in terms of flexibility and options.

  5. Read the guide……and it was really great.
    There were some super cool SEO techniques in there…for a newbie as well as an intermediate. And add to that the various plugins suggested for wordpress…..and you’re gonna see your WP blog shoot high in the rankings.

  6. Bill Felk says:

    I think WordPress has the best built in SEO features of any web platform. I was working on a Cool Springs hotels project here in Williamson County and we used WordPress. After trouble learning others, we’re glad we switched. For the non-techie it is without a doubt the easiest to use and learn. BarCamp Nashville was held recently and most of the presenters have their websites built with WordPress.

    Bill Felk
    Franklin, TN

  7. I myself have found WordPress to be excellent for SEO and I totally agree with your approach. All companies really should use blogs, namely WordPress, as content is king.

    I hope you’re keeping warm over there in Colorado. I thought it was chilly in Los Angeles (around 55) but I can’t imagine what Colorado is like at this time of year.

  8. Thanks for this post. I personally feel that if you do social media optimization with facebook then wordpress is not that much helpful. It doesn’t support.