Increase Your Rankings by Speeding Up Your Site

If Google hints at something, you should pay attention.

For years Google has suggested that page speed affects website rankings, and now there is a tool in Google Labs called Page Speed Online.

Plug in a site and the tool will analyze its performance then give you feedback and detailed suggestions how to speed it up.   Thanks Google!

It makes sense that if a site is slow to load, the user gets annoyed and bounces away; so if a site repeatedly has a user high bounce rate, then the site will be punished with lower organic rankings.

Remember, Google just wants to make us happy, and it wants to make me (and my short attention span) happy by not making us wait.

Give it test drive, how quickly does your site load?


  1. This is definitely true. A site with 5-8 seconds loading time will generate less conversion and feature a much higher bounce rate than the site with lesser loading time. If your site is experiencing this kind of problem, check the size of your site (HTML,images) or change your hosting provider to a faster one.

  2. Jill, I was wondering if you have ever created a before and after search engine ranking experiment to test this hypothesis about the speed of the page affecting its ranking.

    The results would make a great blog post!

  3. If you have had a WordPress site for a while and it is slowing down take a look the the TenBlogger Optimize plugin – it helps clean up the database. Especially nice if you have been trying out plugins and have added and removed posts, plugins or pages on a site. Other plugins for help with speed include; WP Super Cache, Widget Cache and WP Minify which compress JS and CSS files to improve page load time. With these 4 plugins you should see an increase in site speed quickly.