New Year’s Resolutions for your Home Page

Sure, January is good for New Year’s resolutions and starting out fresh; but what about the home page of your website?  Doesn’t it deserve some attention?  Chances are you haven’t looked at it for a long time and yes, times have changed.  Rand Fishkin from MOZ has some thoughts about what makes sense for your home page now:

BEFORE – We used to put everything on the home page.  Looked cluttered. Promoted everything on the home page.
NOW in 2014 – Make the sections still easy to navigate and find things but we should be focused on the main thing we are selling….accommodations.  Promote the most important thing.

BEFORE – We used to focus on a lot of different keywords.
NOW in 2014 -Use one or two good keyword phrases and use branding keywords.

BEFORE -We used lots of text.
NOW in 2014 -Not as much text and more visual centric info. Quickly convey what you are about.

BEFORE -We wanted to keep as much as possible above the fold.
NOW in 2014 – Keep some page content above the fold and draw the eye down.

More of Rand’s suggestions for your home page:

A. Logo and navigation – good to keep it the same and consistent across the website.
B. Visually and easily explain what the product or service does. What’s best about why people should choose you?
C. Answer common questions that your visitor would have.
D. Give social proof and credibility signals; logos, testimonials, who recommends you?
F. Call to action – book now, check availability, search condos …
G. Is there a site map?  HTML and XML?
H. Is there a map?  People like the visuals.
I. Is there content at the top that’s engaging leaving the visitor to scroll down?

You can see his Whiteboard Friday video to get his full insights.
Happy New Year!