Google Now Indexing Facebook Pages?

Join us on Facebook! Facebook has been busy!  Following last week’s privacy settings update Facebook made another update yesterday and it is now allowing Google to index pages to serve them up in their search engine results.

If you don’t want your page to be indexed simply change your settings by going to: Settings –> Privacy Settings –> Search –> then UN-CLICK the box that says ‘Allow indexing’

Since yesterday Facebook has responded to the “misleading rumors” that Google will index all of your information with the pop up below when you go to your settings:

Facebook Annoucement
By “basic information” they mean some of your friends, what you are a fan of including products, places, websites and stores.

Our take is that you WANT Google to index your company page, so “allow” indexing, and if you don’t want your personal page to be indexed then un-click “allow indexing.”


  1. Loved the last point! You WANT your business page indexed! Connecting social media to organic search allows that much more outreach to potential customers.

    Personal pages might be a different matter. Could be a huge link source? We’ll have to see how Google handles it all.

  2. Yes, this is actually good news for marketers.

  3. No need to say that facebook is the most popular social networking site. And it is very responsible to its users. It always try’s to improve it self.

  4. digital metronome says:

    Well’ my response would be if your going to make your social life online then it shouldn’t be a surprise that your links will be posted all over the internet. If you put something online that’s private then get upset if all of a sudden your private life is everywhere – well that’s your fault

  5. Frank Fremdgehen says:

    I don´t think that facebook care about private data especially not when its all about the money. Stupid!

  6. intrustdomain says:

    this is reality

  7. a user of this network would definitely love this news especially to all the business minded individuals. Social networking is currently in to great changes.

  8. Yeah!, This is true, very informative post…My Facebook Page is now on the TOP PAGE..

  9. Facebook has been doing this for a while, it’s nothing new. The only info that is indexed is info that is publicly available anyway – info that you via your privacy settings have chosen to share with anyone.