How to Create Better Color Schemes for your Website

OK, I admit it.  I am color challenged.  I know great color when I see it, but am not confident in my own abilities to pick colors.  Recently I have been using online color tools to find new and better color schemes.

Kuler by Adobe is a handy tool that lets you choose different colors to base your palettes on:


to create color palettes like these:


Another similar program that I like even better is Color Scheme Designer. It has a slick color selector and shows off the colors intuitively:


You can take your palette and see what it would look like on a website too:


Find our other favorite tools in our Toolbox.


  1. Trent, I’ve tried both the Kuler and colorschemedesigner. However, I preferred the latter one, as I think it has better color control and maneuvering than the Kuler!

  2. has lots of color palettes available to check out.