AirFareWatchdog – Get Alerts to Find the Best Deals to Your Destination

As an online marketer, we look for different targeting and segmentation tactics that are designed to increase reach and conversion rates.  

A very effective and flexible tactic we’re testing these days is targeting Vacation Rental & Hotel deals to markets that offer inexpensive airline fares into the destination we’re marketing.

The hardest part of this tactic is figuring out what airlines are running the best rates and when.  It can be time-consuming to search different deal sites.  We set out to look for a way to bring the deals to you without much work.

We found help in the form of a website that watches for deals that coincide with trips and destinations.  It’ll take you about 5 minutes to sign up for alerts from!

Not only can you get tips on flights from SPECIFIC markets, you can subscribe to “Arrival City Fare Alerts” for our local airports.  This way you’ll get notified every time airfare goes on sale TO you, regardless of the flight’s city of origin.

You can set the frequency of alerts to your email, and can even suspend alerts if you’re to busy to deal with promoting them, or on vacation and want to limit email to your inbox.

Some things you can do with location specific deals:

  • Target PPC ads to the departure city.
  • Send an email blast to subscribers who are located near and around the targeted departure city.
  • Buy ads in online newspapers and magazines that serve that particular area.
  • You CAN buy print advertising, but it’s expensive and usually takes some time to set up and get running. You need to be flexible and quick to get the targeting and ads set up.

Check out the configuration below and sign up for alerts that will help you build deals and market them to specific locations quickly.


  1. Wow! Thanks for this. Now, I can plan my trips easily and have the best deals available… :D