Video Recordings of Blizzard Internet Workshops

Eventbrite - Video Recordings of Blizzard Internet Workshops - Special

Over 24 hours or recorded videos focused on teaching Online Marketing skills to hotels, resorts and vacation rentals

Watch the Video and You Will:

  • Learn how to orchestrate a successful Google campaign.
  • Discover tools to manage, track and report activities and results.
  • Get tips to improve website rankings and increase traffic.
  • Achieve an understanding of how Google works.

Specific Topics that will be Covered Include:

  • How to optimize your website for search engines.
  • How Google works and the steps to maximize your search rankings and results.
  • How to successfully build meaningful links to your website.
  • How to get more out of Google Analytics.
  • How to get higher rankings through Google Places.
  • How to diagnose problems with Google Webmaster Tools.
  • How to setup and maximize your Google+ account.
  • How to improve the ROI of Google Adwords.
  • How to track results and make proactive changes


“I just want to thank Blizzard Internet Marketing for a great 2-day workshop in Colorado. The information was relevant, valuable and cost-effective. We’ll be able to cover the cost of the seminar within two weeks of implementing only a fraction of what we learned. Great job!!” -Kaiser Realty

“For anyone who has a chance to see Trent Blizzard “live” in one of his seminar performances, he comes highly recommended! His presentations are so simple, so fast and so interesting you will shake your head with a smile. I have been a customer with Blizzard Internet since 2006 and for many years to come.” – Peter Van de Broeck, Discount Vacation Rentals Online

“Thank you all so much for sharing your knowledge with us. It is challenging to try to stay ahead in the ever changing Internet arena and you help us quite a bit.” – Jeannie Maynard, Village Realty OBX

“Blizzard Internet Marketing is a regular fixture at vacation rental industry conferences. Trent Blizzard’s presentations are among the most highly anticipated and heavily attended events at each conference. Their combination of expertise in internet marketing and vacation rentals make them the premiere provider of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services.” – Park Brady, ResortQuest

“Trent is far and away the leading online marketing mind in the vacation rental industry. His knowledge and insight have been invaluable to the segment and he continues to openly share this wisdom with others. An engaging speaker who leaves you with concepts and ideas that can immediately be put to use to improve and increase your business.” – Steve Trover, All Star Vacation Homes