Words of Wisdom: For the growing vacation rental business

Our friend and long time client Amy Tran, Director of Marketing for Catalina Island Vacation Rentals decided it was time to expose the secrets of running a successful Vacation Rental Management company. As part of  her involvement with VRMA – Vacation Rental Managers Association and being a featured blogger on their site, she posted her latest entry, “Confessions of a Property Manager“, a video highlighting a few of her fellow Property Managers. In this video Amy posed three questions to her interviewees:

1. What have you learned being in the vacation rental industry?

2. What is the one thing you would have done differently?

3. What advice would you give those new to the industry?

We thought we would share these words of wisdom for all those interested or already knee deep in the growing vacation rental business. Please sit back, relax and enjoy the show!