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Hospitality Search Marketing White Papers

How to Frame and Existing Webpage into Facebook: A Step by Step Guide
Facebook offers a unique and powerful opportunity for everyone from small businesses and to large marketers to connect with their customers. A new feature allows for existing webpages to be framed into a Facebook company page, making it easier for businesses to bring their unqiue branding over to the social medium.  Learn how to add a webpage to your Facebook profile in this new white paper.

How to Optimize Reporting and Get the Maximum Value from Your Google Analytics Account
The Busy Marketer’s Guide to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a singularly useful tool to measure and improve your website. With its focus on ROI, Google Analytics offers unique insights when properly installed.  Read this guide for ensuring proper Google Analytics setup and valuable reporting options.

SEO for WordPress Blogs
A Non-Techie’s Guide
Learn the steps needed to insure your new or existing WordPress blog is successful in the Search Engine Results Pages.

Local Search Engine Optimization
This comprehensive guide is going to tell you everything you need to know about optimizing your site for ranking well in local searches.

Online Reputation Management
Learn the critical steps involved in managing the online reputation for your travel or tourism websites. We’ll give how-to information on setting yourself up to manager and reap the rewards online reviews can bring your way.

Search Engine Optimization: Images & Videos
Bring your website into the next century of online marketing by adding optimized videos and images to bring more qualified search traffic.

Travel Maps for Hotel, Resort & Vacation Rental Website
Learn why we choose CommunityWalk for all of our enhanced mapping and locational marketing needs. CommuityWalk offers great SEO and great usability; all around it’s a great product.