Google Webmaster Tools

How to Use Google Webmaster Tools for Better Google Results

Have you ever wondered how Google sees your website and what changes they would recommend? Google will tell you… for FREE!

Originally recorded in July, 2010, this 70 minute webinar presents all the basics you need to know to effectively use Google Webmaster Central (GWC).  Trent Blizzard, President, and Carrie Hill, Director of Search Strategies, discuss how to use this important tool, and more specifically how Blizzard uses this tool for all of our Comprehensive Marketing clients.

A poll during the webinar shows that while 65% of the viewers have GWC installed, over two-thirds of those people are not using it effectively. If you are one of those people, tune in as Trent and Carrie show you how to get inside information about your website right from Google’s eyes. Find problems and view data on what is working with owner-only access that keeps your competitors out.

Have you heard the phrases XML sitemap, link sculpting, or latent symantic indexing and wondered what they mean or how Blizzard uses them? Trent and Carrie digress into these topics while looking into the site configuration and “Your site on the Web” portions of GWC. Also discussed at length are the basics of GWC and how to interpret the data including:

  • Keyword impressions, clicks and average page position on Google
  • Anchor text and what links are pointing to your website
  • Frequency of internal links to popular pages
  • Crawl errors
  • Metatag and HTML suggestions
  • Page load speed
  • Sidewiki editing

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