Top 10 Link Tips

Incoming links have always been one of the major factors for ranking well in Google. However, Google continually becomes more discriminating about which links they reward websites for having. Here are Blizzard’s top 10 criteria for building good links:

Link from pages that have many good incoming links.

To find out which those are, do a search on Google. In the Google search box, use the link: to view the Google recognized links of any website.

Link from pages that are about, from, and within your own online communities.

Your communities are networks of websites with similar themes. For example, a bed and breakfast in Saugatuck, Michigan belongs to the bed and breakfast community and to the Saugatuck, Michigan community. Any link that a Saugatuck bed and breakfast can get from other websites within those communities generally carries greater weight than an unrelated link.

Link from pages that rank highly for keyword phrases you want to rank highly for.

Google is rewarding these sites, so Google obviously believes they are important within that community.

Link from pages that link to ones that rank well for the keyword phrases you want to rank well for.

Reverse engineering can prove invaluable in identifying good links.

Link from pages with high Google PageRank.

PageRank is distributed through links, so a page with high PageRank has more power to pass along to other pages.

Link from pages with a variety of IP addresses.

Because of the proliferation of link farms, having many links coming to your site from the same IP address tends to look spammy to the search engines. Mix it up.

Link from trusted sites.

These are sites that are generally difficult to spam, such as the websites of government agencies and educational institutions. It is likely that some human-edited directories are also trust sites.

Link from authority sites.

These are websites that contain a repository of information useful to their own community members and, because of this, many other on-topic websites direct people to them.

Link with your main keyword phrase in the link text.

Google uses the text within a link to provide clues as to what the website is about.

Links from within on-topic text on other sites.

Embedded links are believed to carry extra weight, especially if the text around the link is on-topic.


  1. This is a great article if you are trying to evaluate links. These are good guidelines to evaluate a NEW link you are considering trying out. This to 10 list also probably correlates strongly to a links ability to send qualified traffic to your website.

    It is important to remember that the best link is also the one that will send qualified traffic to your website… qualified traffic is traffic that is considering purchasing your products.

  2. Mary,
    I must be doing something wrong in regard to your suggestion on good
    incoming links.
    I typed in and only got their website.
    What am I missing??

  3. Our B&B has a page rank 5, which is not too bad!

  4. I have noticed a lot of web sites use the no-follow feature when you insert your link. Can someone tell me what (in the eyes of Google) the impact/benefit is for such a link and what the advantage/reason is that these web sites use that block?

  5. Hi Peter… that is a good question. Give me 24 hours and I will write up a blog post explaining as well as giving some tips.