Tools to Get the Most Out of Your Twittering

Almost everyone that uses Twitter on a regular basis has their favorite tools to enhance and manage their experience.  There are many tools out there, and new ones are popping up all the time.

Here is a list of some of our favorite tools, and all are free!

Manage and Organize Your Twitter World:
TweetDeck – This is as a free helpful Twitter management tool with various features that are easy to use including: sorting, searching, spell-checking, groups, marking favorites, simplification of retweets and replies and more.

Before you decide to make the TweetDeck switch, you can check out this video on How to use TweetDeck

Be a part of the 2.0 world – Tweet a Pic!
TwitPic lets you share photos on Twitter and is simple to use. It also offers an app for mobile phones so you can Tweet pictures when then happen.

One of the challenges with marketing and networking through Twitter is finding followers and getting people to follow your Tweets.  Wefollow and Twello offer an easy to use directories to find people to follow as well as adding yourself to their directory.

Keep Your Eye on What is Being Said
Tweet Beeps set up Beeps to keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company or anything that you want to keep your eye on. They will email you reports of any mentions automatically. “It’s like Google Alerts for Twitter!”

Track Your Links
Bitly allows you to shorten, share and most importantly track links that you put into your Tweets. Analyze the effectiveness and success of your Twitter marketing by seeing who clicks from your Tweet to your website or blog. Bitly can be used from inside TweetDeck or as a sidebar on your desktop.

Mass Social Network Updates
From you can post to many more social networks than Twitter including Facebook, Twhirl, and more. Ping supports over 40 networks sites, so it’s a great way to create a presence if you have something valuable to share.  (Insider Tip – remember that your Tweet’s don’t disappear, so think before you update.)

Stay Away from Spamming Twits
Twitchuck allows you to check Twitter accounts to see if they have been reported as spammers before you choose to follow them.

Schedule Future Tweets
Sometimes you need to tweet when you can’t be at your computer.  Easy Tweets and Future Tweets allow you to schedule tweets to post when you can’t.

What the People Are Saying
Browse to find most popular topics under discussion on Twitter in the past 24 hours Tweetag

If you are new to Twitter make sure to check out Mashable’s Top 7 Twitter Tutorials and follow us @BlizzInternet.  Don’t forget about Facebook or LinkedIn!


  1. Great post, Donna.

    Dont forget about – its a free web based (no download required) application that has its own built in URL shortner, tweet scheduler, image poster, and analtyics. You can also manage multiple profiles from one screen – great for those with personal and business tweet streams!

  2. I definitely agree Donna, I love my TweetDeck and TwitPic. As for iPhone apps for managing Twitter I personally recommend TwitterFon. Twitterific, Tweetie, and TweetDeck are all decent as well.

  3. I love tweetspinner for gaining new followers, and for deleting direct messages. I also like the scheduling feature for tweets.