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More and more travel and tourism businesses are creating videos to sell their products. For hotels and resorts, videos are becoming more appealing than virtual tours. (But nothing beats good flat photography). Compelling videos can help increase the conversion rates of your website. We like videos because they are easy to “embed” into a website, they increase conversion rates, and they create additional promotion opportunities. Sharing your video with the world will result in hundreds and thousands of “views” over time.

The rise in video sharing websites in the last year is remarkable. Videoblogs and Videoblogging is becoming popular. Youtube, the most popular video sharing website, is now one of the top 10 visited websites in the United States. Even if you aren’t uploading your own video, you should spend a few hours searching for your area, town or business name… the odds are increasingly good that someone has already uploaded and shared a video that is about you! Plus, they have and endless supply of hilarious, inspirational and educational videos for your amusement.

We have found several free video sharing sites which will let you

  • Add descriptions and links to video pages (Textual information and links to more info)
  • Permit videos to be embedded in my website (the primary benefit)
  • Allow “tags” and comments (makes for a better community)
  • Provide a unique URL for individual videos (so we could link to them)
  • Listings indexed by search engines (so searchers could find our videos in their searches)

If you would like to see an example of a Video embedded right into a website, check out Bama Bayou in the Gulf Shores area or Sonoran Sun Resort in Rocky Point, Mexico.

The List of Six Video Sharing Sites useful for the Travel and Tourism Industry:

Vimeo lets you upload 30 MB per month. It met all of our basic requirements and we enjoyed using. It had an easy to use interface that let us manager our collection very easily. Sharing and imbedding was painliess. You can link directly to a clip or embed it into your website.

Youtube limits your videos to a whopping 100MB per upload. It offers good tagging, keywords, links. Easy to stream to your website. Quality questionable at time (probably because the site gets so much traffic).

Google Video is one of our favorites for embedding into websites. Seemed fast, accepts larger files, and one of our favorite in terms of quality and use.

Buzznet combines photosharing, blogging and video sharing into one bloggy feeling website. If you want to share photos and videos and blog from the same site, Buzznet is for you. Videoblogging anyone? We like the way they give you your own URL for all of your activity. You can link directly to a clip

Grouper – simple link seems to be easy to add to description. easy to do. comment, tagging and full sharing and linking to your website. YOu can link directly to a clip or a group of clips as well.. is pretty good. Blogging, tagging, comment license recognition, video, special url. You can build your own little video blog with a customized url like “” You can also link to individual video clips.

I got interviewed on the news recently, and they gave me the four minute video on DVD – it took just a few moments to rip it and upload it to and then embed it into my website. Check it out:

If you are trying to decide which one is right for you:

  • Vimeo is what I would recommend to a small business owner for pure ease of use and functions.
  • I like Google for embedding… I have confidence in the servers and bandwidth.
  • was perhaps the most powerful, but a bit geekier. We liked the nice URLs they generated.
  • YouTube is best for generating views on its own and has the hugest community.
  • Buzznet is one we are fond of, despite all the recommendations above.

Other Video sharing sites that we demoed, but didn’t make our cut, include: Yahoo Video, Castpost, Ourmedia, Dailymotion, Eyespot and Jumpcut.

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  1. Nice TV appearance Trent! :-) I am looking forward to speaking with you further on the Web 2.0 – etc. Sorry we missed each other before ~

  2. overall very informing. and at the same time as an innkeeper that has been in business before the internet I find this new tecknology just to much to learn and still be an innkeeper. and with a small budget just what is the answer?
    . I also find that you mentioned hotel reviews and pasts guests comments.
    I just find the only people that bother to rite a review are disgruntled guests for whatever reason.and you have toask a guest that has a positive experience to rite something. most just do not bother. also you do not as an innkeeper have a chance to either defend yourself or add a comment on there comment. overall I find reviews very biased at best. also they do net rereview an inn as in a say restaurent review. and you know one bad review can just kill a business.
    thank you i find your newsletters very helpful to keep me still enjoying the chalange of being an these times.

  3. check out this site, its not too bad.

  4. Thanks, I like that site, and will use it more

  5. what about this site forgot to put that in the previous post !! :(

  6. I personally like Vimeo a lot. The interface is simple and easy to navigate. The quality is much better then other video sites as well although the 30MB limit per month is a drag but I guess that only matters for people who upload lots of videos.