We’re headed to PubCon 2010! Are you going?

The Blizzard team is lucky enough to be sending 3 people to PubCon in Las Vegas again this year!

PubCon is the industry’s premier search and social marketing conference. (It does not include sessions about bars or comic book charters as the name may convey.)

SEO Manager Matt Smith, Project Manager Cristin Oldenburg, and Director of Search Strategy Carrie Hill are making the trek to the land of slots and parties to learn the new trends and strategies to help our clients increase their online marketing return on investment.

PubCon is by far one of the largest shows we attend each year, and we generally send a few people.  With 8 simultaneous tracks and 3 full days of content – you need at LEAST 3 people to cover all of the relevant sessions, or a clone or two.

Carrie, our Director of Search, is looking forward to the sessions on Advanced PPC Strategy, Social Media Marketing Ideas and Measurement, SEO, and Conversion/Landing Page optimization.

Carrie notes that:

“Seeing what tools and theories are introduced at PubCon really helps me see where our clients’ need to head with their online marketing strategy.

I love hearing different points of view and I always come home with 3 or 4 pages full of ideas to try, test, and implement!”

Look for Carrie’s Twitter and Facebook updates on sessions like:

  • Hardcore PPC Tactics
  • The Best Tactics in Landing Page Optimization
  • How Do You Optimize For Universal and Personal Search?
  • Increase Your Post Click Conversion Performance
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Optimizing WordPress
  • SEO Design & Organic Site Structure
  • Convergence of Online Marketing and Analytics
  • Interactive Site Review : Organic Focus
  • Tools for Competitive Intelligence

Matt is our SEO Manager and loves all things keyword and architecture result related.  He has this to say about his second visit to PubCon:

“I want to gather more information and grasp more about how Google Instant is changing search behavior and therefore the SERPs for our clients and beyond!”

Matt is looking into learning new techniques in sessions such as:

  • Smart Organic Keyword Research and Selection
  • Top-Shelf SEO:  Hot Topics and Trends
  • May Day SEO for Google Caffeine
  • SEO Design & Organic Site Structure (just to name a few)

PubCon 2010 is Cristin’s first visit, and while Matt and Carrie are Alumni – they’re looking forward to showing Cristin just what these large Online Marketing conferences are about.

(We at the office are sure they party constantly and steal other attendees notes and search marketing swag so they look like they learned a lot and were at every session. )

Cristin is one of our awesome Project Managers and is honestly overwhelmed by the PubCon agenda –the tracks are HUGE and have SO MANY different sessions, it’s hard to pick!

It’s probably the most jam-packed agenda we’ve ever seen.

Cristin says:

“I hope to learn more about reputation management and cutting edge Social Media techniques.

I think I am most excited about ‘Smart Organic Keyword Research’ and ‘Social Media Payday’.”

Keep in touch with Blizzard’s Online Marketing Newsletter and Twitter stream for Tweets and posts about all of the newest ideas and tools from PubCon this November, 9th through 11th.


  1. Nick Stamoulis says:

    I am very excited to be a first time Presenter for the session titled Real World Tactics for Content Creation and Marketing” and Exhibitor at Pub Con this year. Perhaps I’ll see you all there!

  2. Congrats on presenting, Nick! We will keep an eye out for you.

  3. Good luck to your presentation Nick! i know you will make it :)