Mobile Searchers are Growing – Are you Competing?

How many of you have web-friendly phones? I do now, just got a Blackberry – and I’m officially addicted and now know why they call them “crackberries.”

I find it interesting to see what sites will render well on my small screen, and which ones are horrendous and slow loading.

The age is coming, my friends, when having your hotel, resort, or even vacation rental company available from a mobile searcher will be key to gaining market share. Beyond “booking” on the phone – which may take more time to implement and make small-screen friendly – offering information that someone traveling TO your doorstep might need is a great way to start down the “mobile website” road.

Building a Mobile-Friendly Site

There are things to be said for building your website in a way that it will “automatically” render on a small screen. This is ideal, and can be done – at a cost – it’s not cheap and sometimes can be cost prohibitive. If you’re not ready to completely redesign and reprogram your site, there are things you can do to move into the mobile age, without breaking the bank.Mobile Phone Simulation

We have A Solution for you!

Blizzard is nearly finished setting up plan for our clients that offers a “mobile-browser-friendly” subdomain with redirects on your site that will send mobile-searchers to that subdomain when their mobile browser is detected. When a mobile phone user types in your URL – they will be automatically redirected to – a subdomain on the client’s website that is mboile phone friendly.

There are certain restrictions – some phones are really not “made” to display the mobile web. Also the file that supports the redirect into the mobile subdomain can only handle “so many” browser types – and every phone works a bit differently. Right now I think we’re running about 25 different redirects in our test cases – which should cover a majority of internet-friendly phones. You can accommodate those mobile searchers who DON’T have one of those 25 or so phones – you might place a link on your main site to your mobile friendly sub-domain. Let users browse to it or let them send a SMS message with the mobile domain to their phone.

What about iPhone?

The iPhone contains a technology called “TruWeb” which allows you to see full websites within the screen. With the mobile re-directs in place, the iPhone will show your regular website, not your scaled-down mobile subdomain. By moving into the mobile “sphere” in this manner, you’re providing mobile-firiendly content to the newest technologies and some that arent so new. Not everyone will have or invest in an iPhone, so making sure you’re catering to as much market share as you can is critical.


If you’re interested in having a mobile-friendly subdomain added to your site – send an email to or contact your account or project manager and be one of the first to get in on this new and cutting-edge technology.

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  1. Funny SMS says:

    The idea of adding a sub-domain sounds awesome to me to me :) Since I’ve a SMS Messages website, and I’m already getting nice organic taffic for SMS searhes. It would benefit me a lot if I add a sub-domain to my website; since my visitors would be able to search out SMS Messages directly from their mobile devices and enjoy sending SMS. It might also increase my loyal visitors.

  2. I have never understood why people would want to surf the internet on their mobile phones. When WAP browsing was first established on mobile phones, I steered clear from using the service because of the high surfing charges. Years later, and the cost of suring the net on your mobile is still very high for what it is. I have a nice computer for which I use the when searching the internet, and I will stick wit that method thank you very much. Its cheaper, and I dont have to squint my eyes trying to read the text on the screen.

  3. I agree. surfing on mobile phones seems to me to be excess. Nevertheless sometimes I use it to check my email box. some time I need to find some information and my old Nokia doesn’t show me some sites properly. I thing that such subdomain is really useful thing.

  4. I have an iPhone and I sometimes use it to search or surf the web; but I only limit its use to save the cost of surfing the net on my phone. When I’m in a public place and there’s no access to computers, I use my phone to check my emails.