Lodging Industry Website Performance Averages

Studying your hotel’s website’s performance in Google Analytics can be a daunting task.  It is hard for many to even know where to begin and what reports to look at.  There is so much data available and it can be sliced, diced, filtered and segmented to an infinite degree.   Arggh.

A common question for anyone looking at their stats (other than where to begin) is typically “Is this good?” or “What is average?” That question is asked about visits, Google traffic, bounce rates, etc… pretty much every analytics metric.

Part of the problem with answering the question is that the answer is different for different industries…. the lodging industry will have different norms than the real estate or restaurant industry.

Even within industries there are many segments.   In celebration of Google Analytics Month, we will share research averages taken from Google Analytics, for 85 lodging websites including hotels, resorts, vacation rental managers and inns, from large to small.

How many visitors should I get? (January, 2011):

  • Average # of Visits:  27,683
  • Average Pages per Visit:  6.45
  • Average Time on Website:  5 Minutes, 31 seconds

What is a good bounce rate?  (January, 2011):

  • The average website bounce rate was  32%
  • The average bounce rate for visitors from Google:  29%
  • The average bounce rate for visitors using mobile devices:  40%
  • The average bounce rate for Facebook visitors:  48%

How much traffic should I get from search engines: (January, 2011):

  • On average, 41% of visits originated from organic search
  • Google accounted for 81%, Bing 9%, Yahoo 9%

Remember, even within the 85 properties aggregated for this dataset, there were lots of variations.  There are also significant seasonal differences at play within the dataset.

Only having 85 lodging websites for the sample is also a bit thin.  It doesn’t exactly create an industry benchmark.   The more participants, the better the benchmark.

We use a homemade web-tool that creates about 85 charts measuring your performance against the aggregated dataset. It is engaging, especially if you are a Google Analytics data geek.  If you are a lodging property and want to have your website’s data charted against the dataset (or subset), email Trent.


  1. This is very interesting information. Even though it is a small data set, the information you were able to provide helps establish a benchmark for lodging companies like ours. In the 85 properties, do you have a breakdown of where these properties are generally located?

    Thanks for the info!

  2. This is very interesting data and fun to compare with our stats! (That is, if you are data geek like me!) Can you tell me what Google defines as visit? I ask because we use Omniture SiteCatalyst and there are rules in place to count visits & visitors in a set way, eg. if someone is on the site for less that a few seconds, it may not be counted; if someone is on the site several times in 1 day, the time between each visit affects how many ‘visits’ are counted. Of course, the time frame between visits also impacts unique visitor counts.

    Also can you share any more info about the make-up of how much traffic came from other sources, other than organic search, such as social media, paid search placement, or other websites.