Keyword and Competition Research Tool: Google Alerts

Google Alerts are updates that are emailed to you when Google finds a certain phrase, name, brand, or URL that you want to keep an eye on.

How does it work? Here is an example:

Say that you want to know if someone writes a review or simply mentions your your company, The Best Hotel in the World.  Simply go to and set up an alert for “The Best Hotel in the World” and Google will send you alerts as often as you choose with the links to where your phrase appeared.

Below is a screen shot of a few of my alerts including “Blizzard Internet Marketing” (set up to alert me when the phrase appears) and “Glenwood Springs Internet Marketing” (set up to send once a day with the newest results).

I also want to know when articles that I have written have been found by Google (and just out of curiosity, who else has my name) so I have set up an alert for myself.

Google Alerts
Try it out, you will be surprised what you find and your friends will think that you are a master of the internet!


  1. Wow this easy way for doing your work, so Google alert is the solution. Nice to get this information, so we just go to and set up an alert, and waiting Google to send alerts as often as we already choose with the links to where our phrase appeared. that easy method, how long until Google send back our alert? Thanks guys.

  2. Google Alerts is one of my favorite tools. I use them to get ideas for articles, both for my website and for submitting to article directories.

  3. Google really provide best services on the net.

  4. great share, very informational never thought i could use G alerts for this kind of query, thks