Blizzard Welcomes New Team Members


Blizzard recently hired three new employees to join our busy design and marketing firm.  Tammy is our new Administrative/Technical Assistant.  With a degree from the University of Mass, she brings with her a very diversified skill set for handling our day-to-day operations. She will also provide hosting and IT support.  Kimberly graduated from the University of Denver and is a Project Manager.  She has an extremely diverse work experience and background including advertising, graphic design, and marketing.  She excels in customer service and is exited to help our clients reach their online marketing goals.  After graduating from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Dan moved to Colorado and is now our new Business Development Manager.  He will be concentrating on creating relationships with our current customer base and working to increase our internal sales. We are happy to welcome our new employees and look forward to a mutually successful future.