Blizzard Hosting = 99.95% Uptime

Over the last year, Blizzard Internet Marketing, Inc. has gone to great lengths to implement and secure a state-of-the-art hosting platform for its clients. Blizzard’s 99.95% uptime rate, along with a 24/7 server security monitoring system and in-house customer support make a premium hosting package.

Kelly Conley, Blizzard’s Hosting Department Manager, states, “Of course, our goal is 100% uptime for our client’s websites and e-mail. However, due to the nature of the internet and to our dependence on computer hardware, this is not always possible.” Conley goes on to say, “It is for this reason that we have built a redundant, manned-by-humans hosting package that allows for the smallest possible downtimes due to interruptions in the main backbones of the internet, as well as backup hardware pools on-site that allow for 15 minute hardware replacement when necessary.”

Blizzard is also on the cutting edge when it comes to servers, offering clients Dell’s latest, incredibly-rapid, PowerEdge 1650. Conley states, “These new, dual Pentium servers are extremely fast and will deliver great results for our clients.”

Along with these great improvements, Blizzard continues to offer premium spam and virus services, SSL & Security Certificates, domain management services and unique IP addresses.

Whether you’re looking for unlimited e-mail accounts or a server to host your blog, Blizzard has something to meet your needs. Blizzard’s new Standard, Enhanced and Enterprise comprehensive hosting packages range from $240 to $600 annually. All of Blizzard’s reliable hosting plans also include the Hosted Edition of Blizzard Tracker Analytics so you can evaluate your website’s performance.

While SEO is a huge part of Blizzard’s expertise, web hosting is the foundation upon which excellent SEO is built. Blizzard prides itself as being a leader in the online hospitality industry; another area in which it succeeds.

Stephanie Hedberg – Blizzard Internet Marketing, Inc.


  1. 99,55% – is very good percentage so far …
    some other hosters reports are not higher than 99,3% uptime

  2. thats not bad…we have here in turkey something around 96%.

  3. Thats quite an impressive uptime percentage. The site also loads fast, which is another good sign of quality hosting.