Google Webmaster Tools Improves its Link Data

webmastertoolslogoHere is another quick update on Google Webmaster Tools.

They recently enlarged their data in the “links to your site” report.  Finally, Google seems to be showing a healthy list of all the links that point to your own website.

This improvement means that Google Webmaster tools will become one of the go-to tools for measuring how many links point to your website.  One nice feature is that they also break the links down by which page they link into, so you can get a better sense of your “deep linking” strategies.

Read yesterday’s article about the exciting “search queries” report that talks about improved data in that report too.


  1. This is good news to hear – google, once again, is making life easier for us normal people. No more scouring different sites to find all the links. Thanks for posting!


  2. I’ve tried it and it’s really great plus the fact that it’s easy to navigate though I still have to learn some data that it provides, I know it’s very good tool even for non-IT.

  3. That functionality was long overdue. Google was loosing traffic to Yahoo because most of us had to go there just to check the inbound links count. I’ll make sure I give that new webmasters tool a spin. Thanks for spreading the good news.

  4. The list of inbound links on Google Webmaster Tools is generally much larger than the list of inbound links that can be discovered using the search query on Google itself. Google is tight lipped about the discrepancy. The list on Google Webmaster Tools includes nofollow links that do not convey search engine optimization authority to the linked site. On the other hand, the list of links generated with a type query are deemed by Google to be “important” links in some ill-defined sense.

  5. This is good news to hear that google, once again, is making life easier for us normal people.Thanks for posting.