Avoid Keyword Greed

Keyword Greed is trying to target a bunch of keywords on one page… typically a homepage.  It makes for an unappealing page. Instead, try targeting specific pages on your site, like a laser.

The Small Business Guide to Choosing Keyword Phrases by Carrie Hill

When we look at keyword research, our first goal is to find the keyword that is most relevant to each page we’re optimizing. We don’t need to look too closely at the search volume unless we’re working on a home page or other very important Web page. Powerful pages can support competitive phrases if the site, links, and content support the keywords.

Content Optimization by Jim Hedger

“For all their silicon guts and algorithmic abilities the robots are not that bright. They cope best with one concept at a time. Though a page might rank well for any number of keywords or phrases, the best site copy is written to focus on one topic per page. Addressing multiple topics per page dilutes the overall effectiveness of a site-wide SEO effort and the ranking potential of individual pages.”

There are a few indicators of keyword greed:

  • Really long pages with too much text
  • Overuse of keyword text links
  • Overuse of keywords in Titles and metatag keywords

If you are stuffing keywords into your pages, slow down and start being more selective and targeted.


  1. oh man, I am doing the exact same thing on my wife’s blog right now. I only have two pages in there, but I always fill up every post with keywords that I was looking to get a higher rank with. Now I find out that I am actually hurting my sites by doing that??? There goes months of work… but at least I know better now, thanks to you.

  2. I agree with you. I have read some articles with the same keyword written 15-20 times and it makes me feel bad reading. I never came back to that site again… how I wish he read this post :D

  3. I am not really into keyword research and I notice that my site is gaining pr and traffic. I guess it is the unique content that helped my site become like a leapfrog. Thanks for the input. I will keep this in mind. and pls keep them coming! cheers1

  4. Is very tempting to do this and is sometimes hard to avoid. It does make the pages look more untidy. I think trying to find a balance between lots of keyword text links that make the page look very untidy (is very obvious) and no text links for keywords is hard to do. I try to put some keyword text links in the pages but try not to make them too obvious!