How to Add a Custom Webpage to Facebook – a Step by Step Guide

Recent updates on Facebook allow for an existing webpage to be framed into a business’s Facebook page.

This means that if a page on your website can be built that is 500 pixels wide, it can be added into a Facebook page as a tab similar to the existing Wall, Info, and Events tabs.

Build webpages that will reflect and promote your brand on Facebook with customized tabs like:

Learn how to add any webpage as a tab to your Facebook profile in How to Frame an Existing Webpage into Facebook Whitepaper and step-by-step guide by Carrie Hill, Blizzard’s Director of Search.

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  1. Jill,

    This is the tutorial that I’ve been waiting/looking for so long!
    We’re planning to setup one for our e-commerce sites.

    Thank you so much.
    Soren S.

  2. Tony Cook says:

    Great article..very interesting. I think custom web pages are the way forward
    You can say so much..for free as well.
    An ideal way to drive traffic to any product or website you have.