Top 5 Reasons You NEED Maps on Your Travel Website

A visitor is on your website, the potential to make the sale is there – what can YOU do to help them make their decision? There are many features that visitors look for when deciding which website to book their vacation or business travel with, one great asset to you that a lot of your competition may not be using is the customized map.

Customized maps such as those built at can be embedded right on your site and will give potential guests the ability to see a variety of different local attractions, activities, property locations and dining opportunities in one spot.

The top 5 reasons you should consider including maps on your Travel website are:

  • You can give potential guests the exact location of your property (or properties) in relation to local landmarks and popular attractions. Pinpoint beaches, restaurants, local shopping or even Disney World in relation to your location.

CommunityWalk Map – Vacations Inc. Property Map

  • Lodging sites that feature multiple locations such as condominium or vacation rental businesses will benefit from on-site maps in a unique and convenient fashion. The ability to show the location of every property on one map, where the guest can zoom and scroll to different individual properties will give the guest more “control” over their lodging choice. They can pick the street and neighborhood they’re staying in with more familiarity and comfort.

  • Maps are becoming more sophisticated and cutting edge. Having a customized map on your site will let potential guests move around the map and see your location in relation to these attractions and activities. Because the capabilities are evolving so quickly, you can get the jump on many of your competitors by implementing this new feature on your site quickly.
  • Visual directions for your guests. Because a lot of the maps embedded on sites are now zoomable and printable – you can conveniently give your guest a printout with the exact street location. They can drive right up to your door without getting lost, asking for directions or the stress of wondering if they can find you.
  • In this evolving age of website structure and internet usage, staying on top of the trends that visitors want and are looking for can be difficult. Blizzard is now developing a content building and mapping program to meet the needs and demands of our customer base.

If you are interested in participating in this new and cutting-edge program – contact your account manager today. If you’re not currently a Blizzard Internet Marketing client – give us a call at 888-840-5893 or send us an email at and let us prove to you we can make your travel or tourism website convert to it’s maximum potential.

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  1. Please contact me regarding implementation and cost.

  2. The reasons provided to include maps to travel websites should be considered. It does not only give potential tourists or visitors a view of the place but will give them the confidence to travel even alone because they have the map to turn to. In addition, these maps should also be printer friendly to be handy just in case they go for a walk.

  3. Putting a map on your website will easily help to trace you. It’s a very helpful way to view visual directions. That’s a good help by google thanks..

  4. Travel Singapore says:

    Today, digital maps not only give visitors visual direction, they also get driving directions and most importantly local restaurants and thing to do or activities nearby which is a powerful way to get visitors interested in the destination. It is absolutely necessary to include maps in travel website to be successful. Good advise.